introduce to Rocko Moran

Hi! I’m Rocko Moran, Illustrator and designer Freelancer based in Buenos Aires Argentina.

I like to help people and guide them in the creative process of their ideas, in all audio visual formats, always looking for professional results. My training is self-taught, I learn quickly and I like projects that challenge creativity.

I look for inspiration in nature longboard,, music, cinema, animation, photography, videogames, in moments of creating new versions of already existing things, always with an personal touch.

rocko’s beginnings

I have been working for several years working on projects related to audiovisual. The NFTs came to me thanks to Universe XYZ, where I illustrate projects with surprising results.


Lobby Lobsters

I was able to create the template for “lobby lobsters” with the great team of artists from the  universe XYZ,
in 1 week we created and sold 10,000 nfts in 1 hour for 4 million dollars.


 Polymorphic Face

Collaborative project with great artists from all over the world, each with their own style, mixed in unique random results.


How does Rocko’s story continue?

– The future is uncertain, but there is much to create and help. New technologies can be the new means to create, spread and help people arrond the world with art proyects.